Sexy Crush Fetish

All about beautiful girls crushing stuff

Debby has stolen the breakfast you have brought to work because you didn't helped her with her computer problems. Now she can have a revenge: She puts your chocolate-cookie on her seat, lifts her sexy jeans skirt and takes place with her sexy ass, to smash and flatten it. After she is done with her treatment, she wants you to eat your breakfast thankfully in front of her...

Mistress Samira has transformed one of her slaves into a little plush-teddy bear because he did a very bad job as he was ordered to clean her house. Now he lies on the ground, unable to move and full of fear. She smiles down at him, lifts her boot and slowly steps on him! She increases the pressure and crushes him very fast with her sharp heel. Be sure not to disappoint your mistress or maybe you be her next teddy bear...

See the crushlady as she walks into the kitchen with her sexy nylons and high heel shoes. She gets herself some refreshing ice-tea as she decides to crush a soft-cheese for her own amusement. So she has a seat, and puts the cheese in front of her down in the ground. She slowly puts her shoes on it increasing the pressure instantly to flat the cheese...

Model Heidi has a nice seat in her German car while she gets her wheels on a little teddy. She laughs and does some grinds on the plush-animal. She has a lot of fun driving over it again and again...

Eve Milagro's wearing a sexy white thong and placed a tiny cake on a bar stool and sits down on it slowly so you can see her tasty ass crushing the tasty cake slowly. Maybe you want to eat the cake from her sexy ass?

A toy tank is standing in the middle of the room when a giantess wearing white buffalo boots enters the room and starts to crush it. This huge boots crush the little tank at ease!

Jenny has a whole group of tiny people that are lying on the ground and aims for them with her huge car. She drives right over them with her big tire and crushes them completely. To finish them off she stops standing right on them and turns the steering wheel to grind them completely into the ground.

Jenny uses her sexy ass to crush a bag of potato chips. She's wearing only a thong and you can see the bag flattening slowly when she sits down on it gently. She's slowly crushing the whole bag until every single chip is broken!

This silver Mercedes has done his time and now gets completely crushed under this sexy silver high heel sandals. This chick steps on the toy car gently first, slowly making small parts of it burst under her weight before she stomps it until it's totally destroyed.

Barbie has handcuffed her slave to his beloved model railroad. She starts walking on the facility and slowly crushes everything while her slave has to watch his valuable and beloved model railroad getting totally trashed.

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