Sexy Crush Fetish

All about beautiful girls crushing stuff

The Buffalo Lady crushes a whole train in this clip! She wears her very heavy buffalo plateau boots as she slowly lowers the bottom on the train. As she touches it she increases the pressure and makes the train crack! She laughs and finishes the train off by stomping and grinding it with her evil soles...

I love using my red pumps to crush something. This time I decide to crush some rare and expensive toy cars. I put those tiny cars down on the ground and start to stomp and destroy them. That's so much fun for me - and my red sexy pumps look very nice as I use them to destroy this collection cars, don't they?

Michelle X has some bad magical skills! For example she can shrink and transform someone. That's what she did to her cheating ex boyfriend. She simply transformed him into a plastic doll. Now he's unable to move and has to take her full weight heavy ass right on his face! She laughs at him and tortures his little plastic body with full pleasure...

Lady B is wearing her heavy destruction tools right on her bare feet. I'm talking about her white plateau buffalos. And this time she planned to use them to crush something special! Her boyfriends favorite RC-Car. She puts it right in front of her on the ground and stomps it with heavy pressure until nothing is left from it...

I love to crush my husband's collection cars because I know how expensive they are and what they mean to him! It's always really funny to see his mien when he sees what I did to his tiny toys. He can be thankful that I rather crush his cars then his stupid head...

Lady Anja's wearing her sexy dancer's high heels today and crushes a small Trabbi car underneath. The car is made metal and withstands the pressure for a long time but finally it crushes under the giantess' weight. Now she won't stop until it's totally destroyed!

Sexy Jessy crushes a little stuffed teddy under her sexy high heels. She penetrates its little body with her sharp heels and burns him using her cigarette. She doesn't stop until he's totally torn apart!

Chanel, a sexy 19yo student from Germany crushes a fully working mobile phone under her sexy Buffalo High Heel Boots. She starts by gently stepping on the phone - slowly compressing it under the full weight of her body before she starts crushing the display with her heels and finally finishes it off by literally stomping it into the ground! Guess someone needs a new phone now!

Larissa is a classy mature lady and crushes a shrunken man under her hot ass. She's just wearing a thong and you can see the little man disappearing under her hot ass!

Mistress Samira sits on a chair and thinks about rewarding her loyal slave for being such a good housekeeper. Then she has got the perfect idea. She puts some cakes down on the ground and crushes them with her plateau boots. After she is done, she calls her slave to lick up the mess! Isn't she a good mistress?

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