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This mistress had an issue with her boyfriend and she took some of his toys and specifically a toy truck she had and she crushed it. She did it for fun and she did not care what her boyfriend thought of her crushing it because she did not understand what a grown ass man was doing with such a toy. So she concentrated on having fun with it and not what he felt.

Princess Cindy and mistress Jane were bored at home and they had to find a way to have fun. Today they decided to try toy ass crushing. They took some toys they had and they used their sexy asses to crush them and destroy them. It was a lot of fun for the mistresses and they had a great time doing it. They saw it as a work out for their butts.

Mistress Amber did not like this guy and she felt that she had to find a way to warn him. The mistress felt that she had to do it in a way that he would never forget and that is why she did what she did. The mistress had the guy watch as she crushed a toy with her high heels and she told him that if he was not careful, she would do the same thing to him.

When it comes to crushing, this mistress is right at home. She had gone out for a walk when she came across some abandoned plants on the way, she crushed them and she destroyed them without thinking whose they were or why they were there. She did her thing and when she was done, she continued her journey without looking back. She had had her fun and that was what mattered.

Mistress Akira wanted to try new things as she is an adventurous person. That is how she came to learn about sexy crush fetish and she decided to crush toys for fun. The mistress could not believe how much fun it was as she had thought it would be a mundane thing and would not be fun at all. Besides being fun, she also had a great workout as a result.

Madam Mysteria wanted to use plastic cups to prove that she could crush things with her ass. She did it like a pro and she had her boyfriend watch it. He did not know what to think about it all but he congratulated her for that achievement even though he wondered where she would apply it. The mistress just laughed about it and said it might come in handy one day.

Mistress Akira is a very impatient person and when she was faced with a situation where she gets impatient, she has to find a way to deal with it. Today she chose to deal with it by crushing toys for fun and to pass time. She knew that if she did something to pass time, she would not have any issue and would not notice her impatience or be pissed.

Mistress Jane wanted to show her friend how to ass crush. She had told her friend how much fun it was and her friend wanted to experience it. So the mistress went out of her way to give her friend a demonstration and when she was done, she let her give it a try of her own. It was a great time for both of them as they enjoyed butt crushing the toys.

If there is something that this mistress never wanted to experience, it was boredom. That is why she had to do everything in her power to make sure that she avoided it. Today the mistress used her shoes to crush toys to pass time and to keep herself busy as well as active. It was a lot of fun for her but she was tired at the end of it all.

This guy was too much of a beggar and he had to be punished. He was in good health and he had the ability to work for his keep but he did not want to do it. Instead, he wanted to live off other people and after helping him a few times, these mistresses felt that it was now time to punish him. That is why they cruelly trampled his hands with their boots.

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