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Madame Carla was so mad at her boyfriend that when he brought her cake to apologize, she took it and she crushed it with her bare ass. He stood helplessly and watched as she undressed, sat on the cake, farted on it, wiggled her ass on it and then smeared it all over her body. He was lucky that she did not ask him to eat it off the ground.

This mistress was not working today. She had a day off and she spent it doing one of the little things she likes which is to crush toys. She had some toy cars to crush and she had fun crushing them. She did not care that she had created a mess in the process. This is because she knew her slave would take care of that for her and he did.

Mistress Akira was frustrated and she was pissed at the fact that her colleague had changed her monitor. That pissed her off so badly that she had to punish him. She did not do it directly to him. All she did was to crush the monitor and then go for hers. His was a little faulty and he thought that she would not notice it because she was a girl.

Bored at home and with nothing better to do or nowhere to go, this mistress chose to crush food and she did it for fun. She did not care the mess she made and she was not worried about who would clean up after her. All those would be taken care of so she had to just enjoy herself in the meantime and she did it. It turned out better than she expected.

This mistress had a lot of candy and she knew she would not finish it all. So she did the next best thing and she crushed them for fun. She did not feel like throwing them away and she knew it would raise eyebrows to give people's kids a lot of candy. So she crushed them and she had fun doing it. By the time she was done, she had enjoyed herself a lot.

This mistress was pissed at this kid. He was ill behaved and she did not want to encourage him to continue being that way. She had to show him that he had to change and that is why she went out of her way to trample and crush his favorite toy car. She knew how much he loved it hence why she had to make sure it was crushed and destroyed.

Mistress Gaia was bored and in an effort to keep herself occupied, she found herself crushing all manner of things. The mistress looked around and she found some things to crush. She did not hesitate to do so and she had a lot of fun in the process. She enjoyed how she was able to spend a significant amount of time doing that and she was able to not just pass time, but to also have fun.

Lady Victoria gets angry quickly. Today she got angry and she took out her anger on a pack of cigarettes that she had in the house. She did not even feel like smoking, which is one of the ways she gets rid of stress. But today she was super mad and she even crushed the cigarettes themselves because she knew that if she did not get rid of that anger, she would take it out on someone.

Mistress Amorella wanted to pass time and she did not know how. She did not feel like eating but there was food. As she stared at it, she got the idea of crushing it for fun and to pass time. She did not waste any time in doing it and she created a huge mess in the process of what she did. That is how she came to realize it could actually be a thing.

These girls are not your average mistresses. They felt that they had to try out something different and that is why they chose to work out by crushing things. They did not want things which were too hard, too soft or too brittle. They found these toys and they had fun crushing them. The toy trucks challenged them as they were strong and they had to put in some work to crush and destroy them.

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