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This mistress wanted to use her stomping and crushing fetish to crush and to dominate. That is exactly what she did and she had a great time doing it. The mistress did it to her toy train and in no time, she was able to crush and to destroy it totally. She did not care about the mess she made and she had fun doing what she had to do.

Mistress Amber did not like this guy and she felt that she had to find a way to warn him. The mistress felt that she had to do it in a way that he would never forget and that is why she did what she did. The mistress had the guy watch as she crushed a toy with her high heels and she told him that if he was not careful, she would do the same thing to him.

When it comes to crushing, this mistress is right at home. She had gone out for a walk when she came across some abandoned plants on the way, she crushed them and she destroyed them without thinking whose they were or why they were there. She did her thing and when she was done, she continued her journey without looking back. She had had her fun and that was what mattered.

Madame Marissa wanted to crush the shit out of this slave but she stopped and she instead crushed some stuff and made a mess on the floor. The whole point was for her to send a message to the slave who was watching while afraid that he would be next. She told him that he had been warned and had himself to blame for whatever would happen to him after that.

Lady Nataly was out to scare her slave and she did it with her kiwi. She took it out and placed it on the floor as her slave watched. She then used her high heels to crush it and destroy it. By the time she was done with it, the mistress had had a lot of fun with and she had managed to scare the slave as she had told him that she would do the same to him if he messed up.

As these mistresses crushed toys using their high heels, they told this guy that that was what awaited him. He was scared shitless and he begged the mistresses not to go through with what they were planning. Their goal was achieved and they got what they wanted from him without doing anything to him. The scare was enough and they let him go after he did what they wanted him to do.

Mistress Anfisa was not going to let her son think that he could mess with her and get away with it. She felt that the best way to handle the issue was to crush his toys so that he would learn to be an obedient child. She used her high heels to crush all the toys and scare him a little bit. He never thought that such a thing could happen and it made him change.

This mistress did not have any reason as to why she crushed and destroyed the food she had. She was not hungry, she was not full and she was bored. All she did, without knowing why she did it, was to crush the food with her bare feet and create a mess. Once she saw the mess, she asked her slave to clean it. He was bewildered as to why he had done so but he did not say anything.

This mistress had thought that this car would get her to where she was going. But it stalled on the way and she was so pissed as she was definitely going to get late and there was no mechanic around and she was not going to get a taxi from where she was. She was so pissed and frustrated as she had to wait for her friend to get there that she got on top of the car and she crushed it and stomped on it with her high heels.

This mistress wanted to use fake anger to get out of a situation. So she used her sneakers to crush a toy car while she knew the person she wanted to think she was mad was watching. As he was shocked seeing her crush the toys, she then went to where he was and she angrily asked him what he wanted. He told her nothing and she stormed off and succeeded in her mission.

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