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Lilia uses her black high heel boots to crush toy trucks under her feet. Her boots smashes them into tiny pieces making her appear powerful and domineering. She tells him that this is what she will do to him and keeps crushing the toy cars. The sound of destruction turns Lilia on and also her friend watching her. She crushes the toys faster and faster feeling her pussy dripping wet.

Lady Anja has a crushing fetish that she loves fulfilling while wearing her heels. She places toy cars in a row and begins stomping her feet using her full weight to crush them with her high heels destroying them into tiny pieces. Watch as she uses her shoe to crush one toy car after another grinding her heels into the toy cars making them bust under her dirty shoes with a smile.

Princess Chanel is out for a walk when she comes to a box of pralines on the ground and suddenly gets a passion to crush them in her high heel black boots. She uses her full weight to crush the pralines with her shoes destroying them into little pieces by stomping her feet and even jumping on them while texting someone on her phone crushing some random food on the ground.

Mistress Katja has shrunken her slave to toy size. Like a giantess towering over the poor frightened little guy she shows no mercy and puts one of her sexy black high heel sandals right onto him. She has a lot of fun trampling the loser and eventually kicks him with her stiletto heels in the stomach. Her legs show the flexing of her well shaped leg muscles in her tight fitting dark jeans.

Sexy Buffalo Lady Saskia receives a flower present from one of her slaves. Since she loves crushing and also received the flowers by someone who's into that, she decides to crush them too and record it all with the camera. She drops them on the ground and starts to trample crush and destroy all those beautiful flowers...

Lady Katja has shrunk a whole train station down to a miniature size! That evil bitch will destroy it. She lifts her shoes over the train and starts to crush it. She kicks it several times until the complete train station including the train itself is destroyed and completely wasted.

Katja is really pissed off because her boyfriend canceled their date. She is so angry that she took the telephone into the toilet room just to quit her frustrations on it. She kicks it several times and enjoys the way it crushes under her sexy heels. She even jumps on it until its completely wasted and destroyed and not recognizable anymore.

The mistress wears some red plateau over knee boots in this clip. She has put some of her husbands favorite collectible cars on the ground to stomp them. She loves it when he searches them and finds them destroyed in the garbage. So she starts to lower her gigantic plateau heel right on the tiny plastic car until it breaks and crushes...

Aga has chosen her husband's favorite toy - the miniature billiard table. She puts it on the ground outside in the garden, and enjoys to step on it slowly. She crushes the table with her sexy high heeled sandals and stomps it several times until the complete table is destroyed and useless. After that she is pleased and gets back into her house - as her husband asks if she knows where the billiard table is, she simply pulls her shoulders...

Mistress Lady Katja destroys a complete train with her sexy pink sneakers. She first chooses one wagon to crush and continues to destroy the whole collector toys. She kicks, stomps and destroys everything in rage and has visibly a lot of fun doing that.

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