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Mistress Katja is really mad at her damn slave. He left her by herself and he was going to pay. These boots were made for more than just walking. Everything that he own she threw into the bathroom and proceeded to crush everything under her high heels. Stomping over and over does something for her. The whole room was covered with destruction. Mobile phones, CD cases, and house phone are crushed.

This Russian bitch shows her slaves phone to the camera. She is standing in the shower in tight jeans and a pair of pumps. She throws the phone to the ground and uses her pumps to smash the phone and destroy the screen. Her slave does not need to talk to anybody. She is in control. She stomps on it repeatedly to make sure it is entirely broken and cannot be repaired.

Mistress Katja has shrunken her slave to toy size. Like a giantess towering over the poor frightened little guy she shows no mercy and puts one of her sexy black high heel sandals right onto him. She has a lot of fun trampling the loser and eventually kicks him with her stiletto heels in the stomach. Her legs show the flexing of her well shaped leg muscles in her tight fitting dark jeans.

Mistress Katja is angry and wants to quit her anger on some electrical device by crushing it with her sexy wild leather boots. She puts it on the ground and immediately starts to jump on it and crush it. She enjoys cracking it with her heels and soles and after a while there is nothing left over...

The "yellow one" - that's how her boyfriend always called his favorite model car. He was a passionate collector of tiny model cars but since he cheated his ex girlfriend Katja, she simply put him on the street. She has thrown his stuff into the garbage but then she actually found this yellow car he loved most. She decides to prepare a video message that should express her feelings...

Lady Katja has shrunk a whole train station down to a miniature size! That evil bitch will destroy it. She lifts her shoes over the train and starts to crush it. She kicks it several times until the complete train station including the train itself is destroyed and completely wasted.

Lady Katja has stolen an expensive car. Its an collection model and she wants to use it to quit her frustration on it! So she puts it onto a chair, and lowers her sexy tight jeans ass on it. Then suddenly the car breaks apart and Mistress Katja breaks out in laughter...

Mistress Katja has trapped you under a glass table. She wants to show off what she will do to your little dick if you won't do anything she tells you to do. She barefooted squishes and smashes a banana with her full weight and makes it squeeze out through the basin...

Katja is really pissed off because her boyfriend canceled their date. She is so angry that she took the telephone into the toilet room just to quit her frustrations on it. She kicks it several times and enjoys the way it crushes under her sexy heels. She even jumps on it until its completely wasted and destroyed and not recognizable anymore.

Mistress Lady Katja destroys a complete train with her sexy pink sneakers. She first chooses one wagon to crush and continues to destroy the whole collector toys. She kicks, stomps and destroys everything in rage and has visibly a lot of fun doing that.

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