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Someone has made muffins for Lady Julia. But she hates chocolate and muffins too, so she decides to crush them under her sexy bare feet. You are in the view under her so you can see her feet and the muffins being squashed under her sexy soft soles. She stomps, and crushes and after seconds there is nothing left of those muffins anymore...

Katja dances on a glass floor wearing a sexy short skirt so you can see her tasty ass and her hot feet at the same time while she's crushing a tiny doll girl underneath. She loves the feeling of the tiny doll getting crushed and flattened under the weight of her body!

Mistress Katja has trapped you under a glass table. She wants to show off what she will do to your little dick if you won't do anything she tells you to do. She barefooted squishes and smashes a banana with her full weight and makes it squeeze out through the basin...

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