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Mistress Katja has shrunken her slave to toy size. Like a giantess towering over the poor frightened little guy she shows no mercy and puts one of her sexy black high heel sandals right onto him. She has a lot of fun trampling the loser and eventually kicks him with her stiletto heels in the stomach. Her legs show the flexing of her well shaped leg muscles in her tight fitting dark jeans.

Mistress Xenia has put a white plastic cup on the ground next to her sexy white sandals. The violet polish on her toes shines bright as she lifts her foot to slowly lower it right on the plastic cup. She increases the pressure of her foot and tramples the cup until it's as thin as a piece of paper .

Mistress Xenia wears her sexy black sandals in this one. She wants to quit and stop smoking. So she drops her very last cigarette right on the ground and starts to crush it with the soles of her sexy shoes. She grinds it all into a smash and smiles after she lifts her foot to see what she has done.

It feels so good to crush soft bread - that's what Mistress Gina thought as she decided to make this clip. She puts some bread slices on the ground and steps on them with her sexy black strappy sandals. The soft material squeezes all under her weight...

The polish mistress has transformed her slaves into delicious candies! Now they are laying allotted all over the floor and she starts to crush them with her sexy turquoise sandals. She laughs since no one of them is able to move or to escape - she walks all over them and crushes them with her sexy sandals...

Isabelle wears her really sexy white sandals in this clip as she crushes a toy sports car. First she slowly puts her shoe soles on the roof of the car then she lowers her feet and increases the pressure! Look at the car being crushed and destroyed merciless by this gorgeous sexy girl...

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