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Dark haired vixen is walking along the road with her cigarette in one hand and her teddy bear in the other. She sneaks off to a private place so she can be alone when she crushes her soft teddy bear. The feel of it deflating under her black boots feels so good and turns her on .

In this clip Mistress P. crushes a teddy with her sexy white boots. First she tramples the poor teddy over and over again then she rips him really off! His head is torn off and his arms and legs also... This clip shows how evil the mistress is...

I love to crush my husband's collection cars because I know how expensive they are and what they mean to him! It's always really funny to see his mien when he sees what I did to his tiny toys. He can be thankful that I rather crush his cars then his stupid head...

Chanel, a sexy 19yo student from Germany crushes a fully working mobile phone under her sexy Buffalo High Heel Boots. She starts by gently stepping on the phone - slowly compressing it under the full weight of her body before she starts crushing the display with her heels and finally finishes it off by literally stomping it into the ground! Guess someone needs a new phone now!

Mistress Chanel is angry because her boyfriend didn't bought what she has told him in the supermarket. So she simply takes what he brought, put it on the ground and crushes it to dispose of her aggressions! She smashes the potato chips, and destroys a Santa-Claus-chocolate-figure! There is also a package with popcorn she grinds off with her high heels... Now her boyfriend has to go to the supermarket again...

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