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A girl wearing T-24400 Buffalo boots stomps two mobile phones until they're destroyed completely. She first just compresses them between the hard floor and the hard platform soles of her boots before she starts stomping and grinding them until there's nothing left but tiny pieces.

This sexy young lady is wearing black plateau buffalo boots with fishnet pantyhose. She has put one toy truck onto the ground and now she holds her soles over the miniature truck to crush it! Slowly she lowers it until she touches it. She increases the pressure, the truck cracks and it begins to give up...

The mistress wears some red plateau over knee boots in this clip. She has put some of her husbands favorite collectible cars on the ground to stomp them. She loves it when he searches them and finds them destroyed in the garbage. So she starts to lower her gigantic plateau heel right on the tiny plastic car until it breaks and crushes...

Would you like to watch me crushing my boyfriends favorite model train? He is a real collector and I think it's just about time to quit him from this habit. He is in the office right now and I can crush all his toys. In this one I chose the ICE train - I'm wearing red/black plateau boots and crush the train with full power. See the little toy bursting under my heavy soles.

Chanel, a sexy 19yo student from Germany crushes a fully working mobile phone under her sexy Buffalo High Heel Boots. She starts by gently stepping on the phone - slowly compressing it under the full weight of her body before she starts crushing the display with her heels and finally finishes it off by literally stomping it into the ground! Guess someone needs a new phone now!

A toy tank is standing in the middle of the room when a giantess wearing white buffalo boots enters the room and starts to crush it. This huge boots crush the little tank at ease!

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