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In this clip you get to see how I crush a fire engine with sexy black shiny pumps. First I slowly put my soles on the firetruck. Then I gain pressure and increase very fast - the little fire train cracks and I can't help but burst out in laughter as I crush it with full power...

Lady Anja is really angry with her boyfriend! He forgot to pick her up for dinner. So she does some revenge on him. As he isn't at home she steals some of his favorite model collection cars, and crushes them! She laughs while she stomps them, flattens them and crushes them into the ground...

Maddy drives her big Audi along when she sees a small truck approaching her - but instead of letting the truck pass she aims right on it and crushes it under her big wheels. She drives over her little victim over and over again until it's totally crushed to little pieces.

A girl crushes a bunch of toy cars and toy trucks under her buffalo shoes. She loves to crush these little cars, although her boyfriend might not be that happy when he sees what she did to his collection!

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