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A couple of befriended Godesses have a fun idea for a hot summer party! Why don't we try a crushed food party. Then we invite some slaves over and have them lick our boots clean. The slaves will do anything we order them to do. Just make sure they are hungry and we can have a fun crushed food party at their expense. Slowly crush all the delicious treats then watch them eat it. Summer does not get much better than this!

In this clip you can see the mistress getting out of her car. She wears sexy pumps with a high heel and dark nylons. Her legs are long and really mind blowing. As she steps out of her car she crushes a accidentally! The soft cheese squeezes between her soles and the ground and she laughs as she notices what has happened...

See the crushlady as she walks into the kitchen with her sexy nylons and high heel shoes. She gets herself some refreshing ice-tea as she decides to crush a soft-cheese for her own amusement. So she has a seat, and puts the cheese in front of her down in the ground. She slowly puts her shoes on it increasing the pressure instantly to flat the cheese...

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