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Bbw Lady Cathy hates barbies! Here you can see what she does to the puppet of her sister. She puts it down on the ground in front of her Wheel while she has a seat in her car. She starts the engine and rolls over the barbie doll. After she has flattened the puppet some times, she grinds the wheel one last time on the little doll-body to destroy it completely.

Model Heidi has a nice seat in her German car while she gets her wheels on a little teddy. She laughs and does some grinds on the plush-animal. She has a lot of fun driving over it again and again...

Jenny has a whole group of tiny people that are lying on the ground and aims for them with her huge car. She drives right over them with her big tire and crushes them completely. To finish them off she stops standing right on them and turns the steering wheel to grind them completely into the ground.

Russian cutie Olga loves to crush stuff. Today she wants to crush a few toy cars under the tires of her car. She places them on the parking lot and drives right over them over and over again until they're crushed completely.

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