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Madame Marissa likes to get a little dirty when she is satisfying her crush fetish. She goes outdoors with a doll in a pink dress. She sees a spot of muddy ground and she throws the toy down on the ground. She stands on the doll with her sneakers and smashes it into the mud. She continues to jump up and down on it and crush it into the dirt.

Lady One gets wild and walks out in the woods in her sneakers and crushing everything in her path. A fat juicy tomato is lying on the dirt road and she mercilessly crushes it beneath her sneakers. She just keeps walking at a brisk pace and happily crushes everything and gets her nice sneakers dirty and muddy by waking right over the muddy road. Lady One has a passion for crushing.

The buffaloladies are outside in the muddy forest. They put a chocolate sweet on the ground and spit on it. After that both ladies step on it and smash it with their whit leather boots. After they are done and nothing is left, they want you to clean all the mess from the ground and of course from their shoes... so get into work...

Lady Light got an ugly teddy as a gift but she decides to destroy it instead of keeping it. She throws it on the muddy ground and starts to play soccer with it before she stomps it into the muddy floor.

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