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This mistress did not have any reason as to why she crushed and destroyed the food she had. She was not hungry, she was not full and she was bored. All she did, without knowing why she did it, was to crush the food with her bare feet and create a mess. Once she saw the mess, she asked her slave to clean it. He was bewildered as to why he had done so but he did not say anything.

This mistress was not working today. She had a day off and she spent it doing one of the little things she likes which is to crush toys. She had some toy cars to crush and she had fun crushing them. She did not care that she had created a mess in the process. This is because she knew her slave would take care of that for her and he did.

Bored at home and with nothing better to do or nowhere to go, this mistress chose to crush food and she did it for fun. She did not care the mess she made and she was not worried about who would clean up after her. All those would be taken care of so she had to just enjoy herself in the meantime and she did it. It turned out better than she expected.

This mistress was pissed that her slave chose to spend time doing his own things instead of what she asked him to do. That did not go down well with her and she had to punish the guy. The poor guy was forced to watch as his items were crushed and destroyed by the mistress. He was shocked at what happened and how it all went down. But he never repeated that mistake.

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